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HighlightsReplacement for:Used for Aspire 3660,5620,5670,7100,7110,9400,9410,9420,TravelMate 2460,4210,4220,4270,4670,5100,5600 SeriesPart No:BT.00804.011,BTP-BCA1,LC.BTP01.013,LIP-6198QUPC,LIP-6198QUPC SY6,MS2195,MS2196,3UR18650Y-2-QC236SpecificationBattery Type : Lithium-Ion Laptop batteryBattery Voltage : 14.8V Battery Capacity : 4400mAhBattery Weight : 0.4212KgBattery Color : BlackDimensions : 211 x 68 x 21 mm__xml_end__
Overview:Model: HP B1200Chemistry: Li-ionCapacity: 3800mAhOutput Voltage: 14.4V__xml_end__
100% New replacement laptop battery for HP COMPAQ Pavilion ZD7000/ZD7100/ZD7200/ZD7300/ZD7900 Business Notebook NX9500 - This battery is fully compatible with the following laptop models:HP COMPAQ Pavilion ZD7000 Series Pavilion ZD7100 Series Pavilion ZD7200 Series Pavilion ZD7300 Series Pavilion ZD7900 Series Business Notebook NX9500 Series. Click the More Info link below for a complete list of compatible laptops and product specifications.
Dewalt - 18V XRP BATTERY - DC9096
Specification:Rating : 10.8V ~ 8800mAh (6 cells)Rechargeable Li-ion BatteryCompatible with HP/COMPAQ as follows: HP Pavilion DV1004AP(PF354PA),Pavilion DV1005AP(PF355PA),Pavilion DV1007AP,Pavilion DV1008AP,Pavilion DV1010CA,Pavilion DV1011AP,Pavilion DV1012AP(PD111PA),Pavilion DV1030AP(PN910PA),Pavilion DV1040CA,Pavilion DV1101AP(PS925PA),Pavilion DV1102AP(PS926PA),Pavilion DV1122AP(PV253PA),Pavilion DV1128AP(PV295PA),Pavilion DV1135AP,Pavilion DV1240CA,Pavilion DV4003AP(PV294PA),Pavilion DV4012AP(PV320PA),Pavilion DV4017AP,Pavilion DV4021EA,Pa...
Cell type: Li-ionCell Quantity(pcs): 3Voltage: 11.1Capacity(mAh): 7200Watt Hours: 79.92Dimension(mm): 207.4 65.8 18.3Replacement for: Dell battery: Dell 312-0543 312-0584 451-10516 FT080 WW116 DELL 312-0580 312-0585 451-10517 FT095 MN151Fit: Dell Laptop: Inspiron 1420 Vostro 1400 SeriesFeaturesWarranty:1 year; CE amp;Rosh Certification__xml_end__
Cell type: Li-ionVoltage: 11.1Capacity(mAh): 6600Watt Hours: 73.26Replacement for: 441681700001 441681760001 441681772101 7035210000 BP-8050 BP-8050 (S) BP-8050(S) BP-8050i Fit: Advent 8050, BlueDisk Artworker 8050, 8050D, Bullman A-Klasse 6 CEN, Packard Bell Easy Note R1004, R2 Series, R2000, R3 Series, R3320, R3400, R4 Series, R4250, R4340, R4355, R4360, R4510, R4622, R4650, R5 Series, R5155, R5175, R6 Series, R6512, R7 Series, R7710, R7720, R7725, R7745, R8 Series,R8720, R8740,R8770, R9 Series, R9200, R9252, R9500, QDI M-8050D, QDI Millenniu...
Important Info Manual (pdf) All Real-Time trackers require activation & a service plan The Spark Nano 2.0 GPS tracker with everything you need for the one thing you want to find. This World's Smallest GPS simplifies your tracking efforts into one easy-to-use interface that updates in real-time. Now your Spark Nano 2.0 location and alert history can all be viewed at once, with easy web-based management. A Smarter Way to Follow. Finding someone is a lot easier with real-time GPS. Featuring signal-solid reception with faster fixes, Spark Nano 2.0 ...
Cell type: Li-ionCell Quantity(pcs): 3Voltage: 11.1Capacity(mAh): 4400Watt Hours: 48.84Dimension(mm): 127.4 77.4 19.4Replacement for: Dell battery: 0X217 1X793 310-4482 310-5195 312-0068 312-0191 312-0309 312-0408 315-0084 3R305 451-10132 451-10194 4P894 6Y270 BAT1194 C1295 G2053A01 J2178 U1544 W1605 Fit: Dell Laptop: Inspiron 600m Series Inspiron 510m Inspiron 500m Series Latitude D500 Series Latitude D505 Latitude D510 Latitude D520 Latitude D600 Series Latitude D610 FeaturesWarranty:1 year; CE amp;Rosh Certification__xml_end__
Cell type: Li-ionCell Quantity(pcs): 3Voltage: 11.1Capacity(mAh): 4400Watt Hours: 48.84Dimension(mm): 204 64 16 Replacement for: Advent, Gericom, Medion, Mitac MiNote 8089, 8089P, 8389, 8889NEC Versa E680, M500 ;Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo K7600 ; Gericom Bellagio 8089 GERICOM - Bellagio 1440 GERICOM Bellagio 1540 ;Packard Bell Easy Note E1, E3, E5, E6, MIT-NYN0Z, MIT-LYN01 LYN02 LYN08, MIT-CAI0 CAI02 Series. Easy Note E1245 E1260 E1280 E1510, Easy Note E3204 E3208 E3215 E3220 E3225 E3227 E3228 E3240 E3242 E3244 E3245 E3246 E3248 E3250 E3255 E3256 E3...
Cell type: Li-ionVoltage: 11.1Capacity(mAh): 4400Watt Hours: 48.84Dimension(mm): 123 73 20Replacement for: 0X217, 1X793, 310-4482, 310-5195, 312-0068, 312-0191, 312-0309, 312-0408, 315-0084, 3R305, 451-10132, 451-10194, 4P894, 6Y270, BAT1194, C1295, G2053A01, J2178, U1544, W1605, YD165Fit: For DELL Inspiron 500m, 510m, 600m Series / Latitude D500, D505, D510, D520, D600, D610 Series / Precision M20, Mobile Workstation M20 Series Laptop BatteryFeaturesWarranty:1 year;CE amp;FCC certification__xml_end__
Cell type: Li-ionCell Quantity(pcs): 4Voltage: 14.8Capacity(mAh): 4400Watt Hours: 65.12Dimension(mm): 272.5 51.8 25.6 Replacement for: Dell battery: 312-0305 312-0306 C7786 D5561 D7310 F5136 G5345 Y4546 Y4991 Fit: Dell Laptop: Inspiron 700m Series Inspiron 710m FeaturesWarranty:1 year; CE amp;Rosh Certification__xml_end__

1800ma Battery And Cover Kit

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Save $2 when buying the 1800Ma battery and large cover together Extended Battery and Large Battery Cover Kit Lets You Track for up to 160 Days or Hot Swap Battery On-The-Go The Flash GPS Reporter's battery just got better. With the extended battery you can get up to 160 days of continuous logging power when tracking it's maximum of once every 16 hours. With that kind of extended battery power, you never have to worry about missing important GPS logging data due to lack of battery. The optional additional battery also mak...
Cell type: Li-ionCell Quantity(pcs): 3Voltage: 11.1Capacity(mAh): 4800Watt Hours: 53.28Dimension(mm): 207.6x77x22.3Replacement for: DELLreplace with:312-0746, 312-0762, KM742, KM752, KM760, KM769,MT186,MT187, MT193, MT196, MT332P858D, PW640, PW649, PW651, RM656, RM661, RM668, RM680, T749D,U116D, U725H, W071D, WU841WU852, WU843, X064D,X644H, Y568HFit: Dell Latitude E5400 Series, Dell Latitude E5500 SeriesFeaturesWarranty:1 year; CE amp;Rosh Certification__xml_end__
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