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Maestro Travel Chess Computer by Saitek deals and coupons

Maestro Travel Chess Computer By Saitek

  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 29
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Superb styling, beautifully backlit screen and extended range of player strengths makes this a must have chess computer for all who encounter it! See your game develop on the blue backlit screen and make moves at the touch of a stylus. With 100 playing levels to choose from, this is a great choice for the intermediate player. Slip it into your pocket and play anywhere! Product Features: 100 Playing Levels: 60 Fun and 40 Competition Hints and Tips and Coach Mode available Most major opening systems to learn 64 Study Positions - see h...
Rechargeable Battery Pak Designed for Wii Fit™ deals and coupons
Sale price - $1.49 ($18.50 discount) Use coupon code FITCHARGE at checkout to get the discounted price. Say goodbye to expensive batteries with the Mad Catz Rechargeable Battery Pak for the Wii Fit Balance Board. Simply remove the battery cover and batteries from your Balance Board and replace them with the Battery Pak for up to 20 hours of continuous energy. The included USB charge cable – compatible with the Wii and PCs – makes recharging the internal batteries easy and convenient. Product Features: Rechargeable Battery Pack for Wii Fit...
MLB Starter Kit for PSP Slim deals and coupons

Mlb Starter Kit For Psp Slim

  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 33
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The Mad Catz MLB Starter Kit for the PSP & PSP Slim has all the essential baseball-themed accessories to enhance your handheld gaming experience. The protective EVA case complete with storage for games and other components will shield your PSP & PSP Slim from damage. A car adapter with a 6 foot reach will keep your console powered up while you’re on the go. Six unique, stackable game cases allow you to easily keep your favorite UMDs neatly organized. A useful lanyard will let you keep various items around your neck or wrist and a ...
Wii Wireless SenseBar deals and coupons

Wii Wireless Sensebar

  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 42
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Cut loose from wires with the Mad Catz Wireless SenseBar for the Nintendo Wii. With its low battery indicator LED and a timer which can be set for one, two or three hours; the SenseBar has been engineered to conserve the lifespan of your batteries. Once the timer has been set and your designated time has elapsed; an LED will flash, informing you that the SenseBar is about to enter sleep mode to conserve energy. You can then either hit the “snooze” button to reset the timer or simply ignore it and allow it to power down automatically. Another ...
Mephisto Chess Challenger by Saitek deals and coupons

Mephisto Chess Challenger By Saitek

  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 39
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64 Playing Levels: Normal, Infinite, Tournament, Blitz, Fun, Mate Search, Training and Adaptive Info Mode - to see inside the computers Coach Mode - capture alert and tactical alert warnings Study Mode - learn from the experts by replaying 20 famous games stored 50-move Take Back - experiment and improve! Option to play against the computer or a friend Set up positions to experiment and learn Hints Given - to help you improve your Game All major openings and many famous grandmaster moves stored Sensory Chess Board - simple error free m...
Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Gaming Mouse for PC deals and coupons

Cyborg R.a.t. 9 Gaming Mouse For Pc

  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 47
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Adjustability   Performance   Programability   Customized Grips Cyborg® R.A.T. 9 Take the lead and lose the wire with the top-of-the-range Cyborg® R.A.T. 9 The power and performance of the R.A.T. 7 combine with next-generation wireless technology for an unsurpassed gaming experience. Perfect your grip How do you hunt? Whether you ‘palmÂ’ the mouse or ‘clawÂ’ it, the Cyborg® R.A.T. can quickly and easily adapt by adjusting in length to suit your hand size and grip style. In addition, the Thumb Panel of the R...
Universal Power Pak For Nintendo Dsids Lite & Sony Psp Slim deals and coupons
Keep the game alive with Mad Catz Universal Power Pak for the Nintendo DSi/DS Lite and the Sony PSP/PSP Slim. Comprised of an AC adapter and a Car adapter, just plug into an appropriate power source for continuous gameplay, web browsing, audio playback or photo viewing. The included 5-in-1 USB Data/Power Cable lets you power up and charge a multitude of handheld devices via USB. Not just compatible with most Nintendo and Sony handheld consoles, you can also transfer data files back and forth between your PC and PSP or PSP Slim. The cable boasts...
Eclipse Touchmouse deals and coupons

Eclipse Touchmouse

  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 52
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Featuring elegant and sophisticated brushed-aluminum finish, the eclipse™ touchmouse™ sports an advanced feature set and streamlined ergonomics. Designed for home, office or on the go, the touchmouse delivers both style and quality. Three button operation, 1600dpi laser technology and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity ensure that the eclipse touchmouse can cope with a multitude of home and office tasks. The unique touchscroll™ module grants you the ease of use associated with a traditional horizontally scrolling tilt wheel and comb...
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Stealth Inductive Charger For Wii deals and coupons
Boasting 3D artwork taken straight from the game, Mad Catz' officially licensed Call of Duty®: Black Ops Stealth Inductive Charger integrates the convenience of contactless charging into a sleek, compact design. Innovative electromagnetic induction technology provides the means to charge without the need to remove protective silicone covers or Wii MotionPlus add-ons from Wii Remotes. Twin rechargeable NiMH battery packs energize rapidly to provide up to 15 hours of gameplay. Built-in magnets help ensure controllers and battery packs are...
Eclipse Wireless Litetouch Keyboard deals and coupons

Eclipse Wireless Litetouch Keyboard

  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 69
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Communicating over a wireless 2.4GHz connection, the litetouch keyboard features an integrated 360 trackball with left and right mouse buttons, negating the need for a separate mouse and proving ideal for living room internet surfing. Low profile backlit quiettouch scissor keys combine with intelligent power control, reducing eye strain, extending battery life and allowing you to operate in a dimmed environment. Located to the right of the physical scissor keys, the unique litetouch LCD 3-in-1 touch panel provides you with unprecedented control...
Sanyo Inductive Charging System For Wii deals and coupons

Sanyo Inductive Charging System For Wii

  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 62
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Effortlessly Charge Wii Remotes with the ONLY Official Nintendo Licensed MotionPlus-Compatible Charger on the Market! Developed by SANYO and using the latest in electromagnetic inductive technology, the Wii Remote Charging System can charge up to two Wii Remotes without the hassle of removing protective silicone covers or Wii MotionPlus. Originating from the concept of looping energy and featuring a stylish, flexible design, the charger makes use of SANYO's eneloop battery, which has garnered market appraisal for its unique, user-friendly c...
Gh50 Surround Sound Headset For Pc deals and coupons

Gh50 Surround Sound Headset For Pc

  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 27
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Emulate multi-channel surround sound with SRS TruSurround XT technology - increased spatial awareness for the ultimate immersive experience and to enhance any listening environment. Adjustable microphone for clear voice commands for use during games, speech recognition and voice chat. Uses patented SRS TruSurround XT technology for an immersive, virtual surround sound experience Fully adjustable headphone and mic boom for a precise fit to suit all preferences Great for Internet gaming, voice chat, online conferencing, or voice command Cus...
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Precisionaim Controller For Playstation3 deals and coupons
Engage the enemy within the hidden world of covert operatives with the Call of Duty: Black Ops PrecisionAIM Controller for PlayStation 3. Equipped with unique, easily-accessible Combat buttons for on-the-fly custom remapping, the all-new PrecisionAIM featurewhich slows the on-screen aiming speedassists in rendering your adversaries helpless as you flaunt your tactical skills with optimum control and pinpoint accuracy. Backlit analog sticks, digital camouflage design, and ergonomic firearm-inspired grips promote immersion into the games numerous...
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