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The Battery Deals

6-CUP FILTER AND 3-CUP FILTER ADAPTER allows you the flexibility to choose 3 or 6 cups of espresso. The 3-cup filter adapter and 6-cup filter are included with your Electric Moka Espresso Maker. The filters included in the kit are additional accessories. FILTER AND GASKET: Placed on top of the center part of the coffee container for safety, it prevents the espresso from splattering if the lid is opened during the brewing process. Made of high-quality stainless steel, its durable and long lasting. STAINLESS-STEEL HAND-HELD FROTHER – Froth ...

Delonghi Cheese Grater

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USE RIGHT AT THE TABLE with the convenient rechargeable battery GUARANTEED LONG RUNNING TIME with more than 100 dishes on just one charge LIGHTWEIGHT AND HANDY it is activated at the simple touch of a button PERFECT FOR SOFT AND HARD CHEESES, as well as dry bread, chocolate, hazelnuts, almonds and more EASY TO DISASSEMBLE for perfect cleaning KEEP-FRESH LID INCLUDED
Advanced Filter