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Nonin 3100 Wristox Pulse Oximeter With 33 Hours Of Memory deals and coupons
The Nonin 3100 WristOx is a small, lightweight pulse oximeter designed to be worn comfortably on the wrist. The compact design of the WristOx is intended to give the patient greater freedom while improving patient compliance. Ideal for monitoring daily activities and for overnight studies.The Nonin 3100 Wristox offers:Small - Fits comfortably on the patient's wrist.Versatile - Ideal for short or long term monitoring applications.Powerful - 24 hours of battery life and 33 hours of non-volatile memory.Easy-to-Use - Simply plug in the sensor and g...
Current Solutions Twinstim 2nd Edition Digital Tens & Ems Combo deals and coupons
Features of the Current Solutions TwinStim 2nd Edition Digital TENS & EMS Combo: Channels: Dual Channel, isolated between channels. Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable, 0-100 mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel. Voltage: 0 - 50V (Load: 500 ohm) Pulse Rate: Adjustable, from 2 to 150 Hz, 1 Hz/step. Pulse Width: Adjustable, from 50 to 300 microseconds, 10uS/step. Wave Form: Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic Square Pulse. On Time: Adjustable, 2~90 seconds , 1 Sec./ step. Off Time: Adjustable, 2~90 seconds , 1 Sec./ step. Ramp Time: Adjustable, 1~8 seconds, 1 S...
Current Solutions Intensity Select Combo Unit deals and coupons

Current Solutions Intensity Select Combo Unit

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Features of the Current Solutions InTENSity Select Combo Unit: InTENSity™ Select Combo is the flagship of the InTENSity™ Digital Series. This device has 4 waveforms to give you the flexibility to treat a variety of musculoskeletal issues. This innovative device combines Tens, EMS, Interferential and Microcurrent, is 105 mA strong and comes with an AC Adapter. The InTENSity™ Select Combo: powerful, easy-to-use, elegant and portable. Wave Form: Tens - Monophasic Square, EMS - Biphasic/monophase square wave pulse, Interferential ...
Current Solutions Tens 3000 Analog Unit, 3 Modes deals and coupons
Features of the Current Solutions TENS 3000 Analog Unit The TENS 3000 is a high quality TENS unit that uses the newest technology of a microprocessor, which gives exact dial performance. The TENS 3000 has the ease of operation of an analog unit with the accuracy of a digital unit! The TENS 3000 comes standard with a Safety Amplitude Cap, which is a transparent pivoting cap that closes over the amplitude knobs to help protect the user from power jolts from accidental knob movements. Dual Channel, 3 Modes, Timer, & Safety Amplitude Cap.System...
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