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Phil & Teds Wriggle Wrapper - Red

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Keep your squirmy, little one secure with phil & teds Wriggle Wrapper, an inventive 3-in-1 solution for sitting, feeding, and sleeping on the go. It's the only one of its kind! Lose the extra gear during trips and get the Wriggle Wrapper! Features: Sit and feed: attaches securely to any chair or adult waist for hands-free feeding and wriggle-free sitting Sleep: fastens securely to any standard single bed for safe napping away from home Fuss free: folds around baby just like a nappy/diaper  Super secure fastenings and fit-to-ch...

Organic Washcloth Character - Frog

  • updated 3 years ago
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Make bath time fun with these great wash cloth puppets! Have playful conversation with your child to encourage imagination! Made of the finest 100% organic Egyptian cotton.
What do you get when you combine a cute plush toy with a hospital grade pacifier? A good night's sleep! Finally, a way to gently help the pacifier stay close to your baby. The WubbaNub Plush Toy Pacifier is designed to give your baby comfort with a soft, bean-filled animal friend that not only provides stimulation for little fingers, but positioning support for the pacifier. The Soothie pacifier is sewn into the WubbaNub for safety and is made of Medical Grade Silicone that is latex-free. The beans in the WubbaNub plush toy are sewn in separa...