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Trash Can Deals

Chelsea Green Guides Book Set (paperback)

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Help save the Earth with this new series of pocket-sized books. Learn everything you need to know about recycling, composting, and water and energy conservation.Features:Set contains hundreds of practical tips for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint and the amount of waste they generateEach illustrated guide includes a concise resource list on backPrinted in North America on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paperWritten by Jon CliftPublication date: September 2007Energy: Use Less – Save More Discover 100 energy saving tips f...

When Zeffie Got A Clue

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It’s an ordinary afternoon in Summer Breeze, Florida, when a young, wide-eyed girl steps into I Saw It First, the trash-to-treasure shop Christy Castleman and her Aunt Bobbie have opened. Clutching a jewelry box, Zeffie Adams tells Christy she needs money to pay her grandmother’s medical bills, prompting Christy to offer this curious visitor more than the jewelry box is worth–or so she thinks.   But complicated questions form when Christy rips out the box’s lining and uncovers a clue to a cold case murder mystery fr...