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W.C. Fields is an American original, the curmudgeonly master of wit and good, mean fun. In this collection of madcap classics, the famously top-hatted Fields unleashes his unique comic zing, proving himself the king of the one-liner. This special DVD collection includes The Bank Dick, My Little Chickadee, You Can't Cheat an Honest Man, It's a Gift and International House. The W.C. Fields Comedy Collection is Fields at his finest, and a must-have for anyone who loves to laugh! Disc 1: The Bank Dick Run Time: 1 Hours and 12 MinutesMPAA Rating: ...

The Heroes Insiders Gift Set

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The Heroes Insiders Gift Set includes: Heroes: An Insider's Guide to the Award-Winning Show (Paperback) After a total eclipse casts its shadow across the globe, seemingly calling forth a multitude of everyday men and women with special powers, Dr. Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy, ''Blind Guy Driving''), a genetics professor from India, continues to champion his father's theory that there are people with extraordinary abilities living among us. Claire Bennet, an indestructible high school cheerleader (Hayden Panettiere, ''Bring it On: All ...

Will & Grace Season 4 Dvd

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The unique relationship between Will Truman and Grace Adler continues to evolve this season in the adult comedy about two best friends; Will who is gay and Grace who is straight. Episodes: The Third Wheel Gets The Grace Nathan (Woody Harrelson) feels like the third wheel when Will returns from his vacation and resumes his friendship with Grace. Jack takes Elliot shopping for school clothes. Past and Presents Will's former bully from school is hired as a new attorney at his firm. Grace is upset that Karen's birthday gift to Nathan i...
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