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  • Xerox 101r203, Drum Cartridge

    $202.00 $110.17
    You Save $91.83
  • Roland Usb Audio Interface

    $249.99 $149.99
    You Save $100.00
  • In Store Used Used Digidesign D24 Core Dsp Card @761 11092 Standard

    $1,299.00 $269.99
    You Save $1,029.01
  • Ion Audio Sound Session 5pc Electronic Drum Set

    $199.99 $114.99
    You Save $85.00

Guitar Pro 6.0

  • updated 3 years ago
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Guitar Pro 6, a Win/Mac hybrid, is the ultimate toolbox for the guitarist! It includes all the tools you need to improve, compose and accompany yourself on the guitar. This simple and intuitive multitrack tablature editor is specifically designed for guitar, bass or other stringed instruments. Guitar Pro 6 features the newest in playback technology including RSE - Realistic Sound Engine. RSE gives you real time playback of your scores with realistic sound samples taken from high quality guitars and real time effects such as wah-wah. Advanced no...

Stagg C510 1/2 Size Classical Guitar Pack

  • updated 3 years ago
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The Stagg C510 guitar pack is the perfect starter guitar for young kids. Stagg guitars are well-crafted instruments designed to be the right size for playing comfort and include nylon strings, which are more comfortable for smaller fingers -- the perfect starter instrument for young children ages 5-7! The Stagg C510 guitar pack includes the 1/2 Stagg guitar, gig bag, pitch pipe and an extra set of strings. Everything you need to get started! Type: Guitars - Acoustic
Of all American audio companies, JBL holds the record for overall longevity and product renown. To celebrate sixty years of success, this book offers details on the people and products that have made this company famous. From car stereos to concert hall installations, JBL is the most recognized audio brand in the world. Written by audio expert John Eargle, this book features full-color photos, historical advertisements, and hundreds of diagrams and images, many taken right from JBLs archives. Topics include stories behind the development of inn...
Model #: SAMIC100.2 Color: Black Metal 3-pin XLR Connectors Male XLR Connector on one end and Female XLR Connector on the other end Length: 100 Feet Condition: NEW 14 gauge heavy duty conductors Balanced Shielded One Year Warranty Type: Connector Cables Features: Heavy duty thick gauge Microphone Cables. 100 foot XLR mic cables at half the price of retail. Order 100' microphone cables today and get free shipping. 30 day money back guarantee. Specifications: Model #: SAMIC100.2 (Mic Cable) - XLR Male to XLR Female Cable - Heavy Duty Microphone ...
Model # SA-Speaker Stand (Pair) Brand New Heavy Duty PA/DJ Tripod Speaker Stand Stands up to 72 hole loose 1.5 inch steel tube design Large heavy duty adjusting knob and very sturdy Pin lock with multiple holes Brand New One year warranty Type: Musical Instrument Accessories Features: This is a pair of heavy duty steel tripod speaker stands. Each stand will hold 200 lbs. These are not the cheap aluminum stands you see all over the Internet. Specifications: Pair of Steel Tripod Speaker Stand - PA/DJ Speaker Stands - Holds up to 200 lbs - Stands...
Type: Amps Features: Integrated iPod dock USB input to stream digital audio from your computer 3.25-inch polypropylene woofer with Santoprene surround 25mm silk dome high frequency driver Bass reflex vented cabinet design 2 x 15 watts of internal power Front panel 3.5mm stereo aux input jack, headphone output jack and volume control Convenient rear panel RCA inputs Passive crossovers utilizing multi-pole Specifications: Frequency Response: 80 Hz - 23 kHz Amplifier Power Rating: 2 x 15 watts RMS Crossover Frequency - HPF: 8 kHz, 6 dB/...

Planet Waves Dual Capo Tuner

  • updated 3 years ago
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Dual Action Capo Tuner The NS Capo Tuner combines the widely acclaimed NS Dual Action Capo with a Planet Waves precision chromatic tuner. The first of its kind, the NS Capo Tuner provides accurate tuning at any fret or when clipped on the headstock of your acoustic or electric guitar. The patented compound action of the Dual Action Capo reduces the force necessary to open and close the capo. It also eliminates side pulling the strings out of tune, a common issue with standard trigger-type capos. Lightweight, accurate and easy to use, simpl...

Moog Etherwave Standard Black

  • updated 3 years ago
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Moog Etherwave Theremin Standard The theremin is one of the oldest electronic instruments, and the only one known that you play without touching. Moving your hands in the space around its antennas controls pitch and volume. Like the Ethervox, the Etherwave is an authentic adaptation of inventor Leon Theremin phone jack, which delivers line level output to your amplifier. * PITCH rotary control, for adjusting the response of the pitch antenna. * VOLUME rotary control, for adjusting the response of the volume antenna. * WAVEFORM rota...

Moog Etherwave Standard Ash

  • updated 3 years ago
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Moog Etherwave Standard Ash Based on Leon Theremin phone jack, which delivers line level output to your amplifier. * Pitch Rotary Control, for adjusting the response of the pitch antenna. * Volume Rotary Control, for adjusting the response of the volume antenna. * Waveform Rotary Control, for adjusting the waveform of the audio output. * Brightness Rotary Control, for adjusting the brightness of the audio output. * Power Input - receptacle for the special AC adapter that comes with the Etherwave. 110 volt and 220 volt adapt...

Danelectro Dj-15 Chicken Salad Vibrato

  • updated 3 years ago
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Danelectro Chicken Salad Vibrato (DJ-15) Cluck, Cluck. Nothing Chicken about this pedal. Want some Hendrix on your sandwich? This is the pedal for you. This is the vibrato pedal people are raving about. Compare it to a Univibe (blindfolded), take the blindfold off and look at the price tags. Yeah, that good baby! Great tone, great value, great googley moo! Requires a 9-volt battery (not included) or a Danelectro 9-volt adapter (not included) The tasty Danelectro DJ series of pedals are some of the most widely used pedals around. They all hav...
Trigger sounds in software and sound modules.The ControlPad is a compact performance instrument and drum-programming tool. The ControlPad is an eight-pad playing surface that you can connect to software via USB and hardware sound modules via MIDI. P Type: Drums and Percussion Specifications: - Eight-pad percussion playing surface - USB-MIDI and DIN MIDI In and Out for controlling software and hardware sound modules - Responsive rubber pads for natural response, rebound, and low stick-on-pad noise - Velocity sensitive for expressive control -
Preston Reed has reinvented how the acoustic guitar is played with his dynamic use of percussive devices and unusual playing ideas. Learn how a single guitar can create a multitude of sonic and rhythmic effects as he teaches the rim shots, bongo hits, slap harmonics, double hammer-ons, two hand tapping, right-hand fretting and other techniques that give his playing originality and excitement. In Slap Funk, Border Towns and Tribes he shows new ways of generating sounds and a myriad of ideas for solo guitar style. For intermediate-level players. ...
Model #: SATSS-32x1515Splitter Snake Cable32 XLR Male on he fantail 32 XLR Female on the stage box Two 15' cable trunks Type: Connector Cables Features: This 32 channel splitter snake cable has two 15' trunks. It is simply hardwired Y splits, with basically a stage box and two hardwired short trunks with fantails. All Seismic Audio splitter snake cables ship free and come with a one year warranty. Specifications: Model #: SATSS-32x1515Splitter Snake Cable32 XLR Male on he fantail 32 XLR Female on the stage box Two 15' cable trunks Height: 15 ...
Model #: SACE-16x8x50 Sends: 16 XLR Male Connectors Returns: 8 XLR Female Connectors (Fantail) Returns: 8 1/4 Returns on the box end Heavy duty strain relief at both ends One Year Warranty Type: Connector Cables Features: Our SACE series snake cables are color coded for easy hook up. This 16 channel snake cable is built with 22 guage copper wires. It is 100% shielded and very well labeled. This snake has 16 sends, 8 returns, and is 50 feet long. Snake cables ship free! Specifications: Model #: SACE-16x8x50 - 50' Pro Audio Color Coded Snake Cab...

Sabian 20 Paragon China

  • updated 4 years ago
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Developed with neil peart of rush, the sabian paragon series blends 2 styles of lathing for a very balanced hi-hat cymbal tone. pinpoint lathing creates a narrower groove for a fast, lively response on the top, while the traditional aa lathing creates a wider groove for a fuller, richer tone on the bottom side.