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  • Xerox 101r203, Drum Cartridge

    $202.00 $110.17
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  • Roland Usb Audio Interface

    $249.99 $149.99
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  • In Store Used Used Digidesign D24 Core Dsp Card @761 11092 Standard

    $1,299.00 $269.99
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  • Ion Audio Sound Session 5pc Electronic Drum Set

    $199.99 $114.99
    You Save $85.00
The E-MU SHORTboard 49 is a professional 49-note USB/MIDI instrument ideal for the stage or studio. The instrument sports an all new E-MU synthesizer chip capable of 16-part multitimbral, 128-voice professional sample playback with 32-bit reverb and chorus effects and comes packed with a 64MB sound set that includes a General Midi bank and a complete range of classic keyboard sounds such as: Grand Pianos, Electric Pianos, B3s, Clavinets, and Solina-Moog-OB-Prophet-Juno-TB synthesizer leads and basses.

E-mu Pipeline Wireless Transceiver

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The E-MU PIPEline wireless transmitter/receiver system from E-MU Systems frees you from the tyranny of audio cables without sacrificing audio quality. The PIPEline can be used as a wireless transceiver for your guitar or keyboard, or as the basis of a wireless In-Ear monitoring system for your band. Because latency is so critical in music performance, PIPEline has a minimal delay of only 5.5ms so it won't interfere with the feel of you music.