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  • Multisports Fitness Deluxe Base Smith Machine Rack deals and coupons

    Multisports Fitness Deluxe Base Smith Machine Rack

    $799.00 $549.00
    You Save $250.00
  • Powerline Pdr282x-rfws - Dumbbell Rack W/ Rubber Dumbbells #pdr282x-rfws - Dumbbells deals and coupons

    Powerline Pdr282x-rfws - Dumbbell Rack W/ Rubber Dumbbells #pdr282x-rf..

    $1,614.00 $793.00
    You Save $821.00
  • Pro Dual Vertical Press  Lat Machine deals and coupons

    Pro Dual Vertical Press Lat Machine

    $2,731.25 $1,739.00
    You Save $992.25
  • Weslo Cadence C44 #wltl29305 deals and coupons

    Weslo Cadence C44 #wltl29305

    $399.99 $269.99
    You Save $130.00
Kettler Cardio Pulse Set deals and coupons

Kettler Cardio Pulse Set

  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 89
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The Kettler 7937-600 Cardio Pulse Set from Kettler, a small enterprise in Ense-Parsit, Germany started in 1949, has grown to be leading brand in the world of leisure sports, sports and fitness equipments, table tennis tables, bicycles and children's outdoor toys. Their products are sold in more than 60 countries throughout the world. The company even after all these years is true to its customers in terms of its quality principles; they still make their products in the same old way like they did 50 years before. Their distribution in the United...
Kettler Tx3 Folding Treadmill deals and coupons

Kettler Tx3 Folding Treadmill

  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 52
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The Kettler 7882-090 TX3 12 MPH Speed Folding Treadmill is the New Verso folding treadmill that is manufactured and supplied by Kettler. This treadmill can be easily operated with the touch of a single button. Easy to use, the TX3 Folding Treadmill is designed with Heart Rate Control Programming that monitors the heart rate and automatically adjusts the equipment for the cardio training. The TX3 treadmill is equipped with LED display that shows data of time, speed, elevation, distance, pulse, and calories burned during an exercise session. This...
Kettler Tx1 Folding Treadmill deals and coupons

Kettler Tx1 Folding Treadmill

  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 62
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The Kettler 7882-090 TX1 10 MPH Speed Folding Treadmill is quality exercise equipment that can be easily used at home and gyms. Just like a professional treadmill, the TX1 offers electronic programming and easy operation with the simple touch of a button. The various features of treadmill include heart rate control, seven workout programs, and LED display. Treadmills are beneficial workout machines that can be easily used by anyone at home. The Heart Rate Control programming feature of this equipment makes automatic adjustments based on the cha...
Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine deals and coupons

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 56
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The Kettler 7978-900 Favorit Smooth Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine is an innovative fitness machine that is designed to improve a person's stamina and fitness level. This rowing machine is offered with a LED digital display that shows various exercise data during sessions such as speed, distance, number of strokes, calories, stroke frequency, training pulse, and heart rate. It is strong and sturdy and is made using stainless steel. This rowing machine is suitable for total body workout and can be easily used by men and women. The Favorit Ro...
Kettler Apollo Inversion Table deals and coupons

Kettler Apollo Inversion Table

  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 76
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The Kettler Apollo Inversion Table makes high quality health and fitness equipments that offer efficient functioning and come with superior safety measures. This upside down table by Kettler is a highly recommended product by orthopedics and sports physicians. Long working hours, improper way of exercising, working too much on computer are some of the major issues that cause back, spine and neck related pains and problems. Kettler Apollo is designed to relieve such stress, pain and tension on these body parts. The steel frame and a thickly ...
Kettler Ergo Race Indoor Training Bike deals and coupons
The Kettler 7988-889 48-programs Ergo Race Indoor Training Bike is the latest biking machine in the indoor fitness trainer series. Build with the most advanced eSYS technology it is designed for all those people who love cycling and understand the importance of it. The advanced eSYS technology is used to attain highest level of accuracy in order to obtain perfect balance of ergonomics, mechanics, and electronics. This biking machine comes with a high-performance induction braking system that provides a maximum pedaling resistance of 25 to 600 w...
Kettler World Tours 1.0 Training Software deals and coupons
The Kettler 7926-800 World Tours 1.0 Training Software is an ideal partner. This training software allows users to train in any part of the world using Microsoft Bing Maps. Training on this software is done with 3D satellite images to provide a real training experience to the user. One can use the software with an ergometer or treadmill. This software from Kettler comes with a program DVD and a control unit of four keys. The control unit has a 3m cable for ease of use. It is easy to add one's own GPS data to this software so that one can tr...
Kettler Rx7 Recumbent Exercise Bike deals and coupons
The Kettler 7686-590 48-Programs RX7 Recumbent Exercise Bike works best for lower body and exercises related to lower body as it gives better biomechanics. It is preferred by most people because of its high-end features like adjustable high-back comfort seat that allows the user to form comfortable sitting posture without straining spine. Because of its adjustable features it also makes mounting and dismounting safe and convenient. With the RX7 recumbent exercise bike Kettler brings forth the most sophisticated German engineered high resoluti...
Kettler Dumbell, Plate And Bar Rack deals and coupons
The Kettler 7499-500 Dumbell, Plate and Bar Rack is a highly useful fitness equipment accessory for sports pros. This shelf from Kettler can be used to store professional heavy weights and dumb bells. The shelf, available from the German brand Kettler, is made in a powder-coated steel frame to ensure that the products lasts longer despite the heavy use it is put to. Because of the sturdy construction of this dumb bell and weights rack, one is sure that the shelf is safe and secure to store free weights. This weight rack comprises rubberized...
Kettler Race Exercise Bike deals and coupons

Kettler Race Exercise Bike

  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 60
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The Kettler 7938-189 Race Exercise Bike is Designed strictly keeping in mind the requirements of athletes, Kettler Race Exercise Bike is excellent for all those who are serious about their fitness, weight reduction and health. Manufactured in Germany from no-rust reinforced zinc coated tubing, both inside and out, this spinning bike comes at a price that will surprise anyone. With its adjustable features, great looks and robust body Race Exercise Bike is all set to surprise all with its performance and functions. Fitted with a large liquid cr...
Kettler Paso 309r Recumbent Exercise Bike deals and coupons
The Kettler 7986-993 PASO 309R Recumbent Exercise Bike has amazing features, robust body, and great variety in workout plans which makes it a perfect buy for all those who like to go for low impact workouts. This maintenance free recumbent exercise bike can be bought at an amazing price thus making it best buy for home users. It is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the user. It has a seating system that supports back in the manner that it reduces stress on the lower back, feet and hands and instead, lets to work out in a comfortable and...
Kettler Montana Stepper deals and coupons

Kettler Montana Stepper

  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 52
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The Kettler 7877-000 Montana Stepper gives a sturdy &strong base to exercise in, whereas the technical designing of the machine is made in a manner to maximize the productivity with lesser efforts. The equipment has different levels of exercising positions with two heavy-duty independently adjustable hydraulic cylinders with multiple resistance settings ranging from 1 to 12 which are easily adjustable. A high quality training computer attached to the Montana Stepper has six different functional variations and provides data like the time spent,...
Kettler Ct 307 Elliptical Trainer deals and coupons
The Kettler 7646-090 8-Programs CT 307 Elliptical Trainer is the most ideal buy for anyone. This German made trainer comes with a 30 pound drive system (14kg), has magnetic resistance brake system, ergonomic tube frame, pivot joints with double ball bearings, non-slip foot pedals, and contact hand pulse sensors in the handlebars. It is equipped with large LCD high resolution display that shows time, revs, speed, training distance, calorie consumption, pulse, recovery pulse, and a strain graph. In addition, it is pre-equipped with 8 programs and...
Kettler Mondeo Elliptical Trainer deals and coupons

Kettler Mondeo Elliptical Trainer

  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 33
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The Kettler 7852-690 8-Programs Mondeo Elliptical Trainer is the latest innovation in the Kettler's elliptical line. Beautifully designed with latest technological advancements Kettler Mondeo Elliptical Trainer is an easy to use machine that is designed to target each and every muscle of body thus burning excess calories in the body. It has an in-built computer and a jumbo LCD display that helps in measuring time, speed, number of cycles, distance, calories burned, and pulse thus helping to keep a record of work out. It also has an integrated h...
Kettler Polo M Exercise Bike deals and coupons

Kettler Polo M Exercise Bike

  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 36
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The Kettler 7960-800 Polo M Exercise Bike is designed beautifully with high-end German technology, the Polo M exercise bike is determined to suit all the need by delivering performance and durability. Polo M comes with a LCD display with recovery feature and numerous resistance levels. The easy to use LCD helps to keep a record of workout and displays duration, distance, speed, RPM, calories, and heart rate. It also records the heart rate via hand pulse sensors that can be plugged and unplugged as per convenience. It keeps informing about the e...