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A quick non-technical introduction to the Koran designed to help Christians understand a hidden book revered by 1.3 billion Muslims....

The Picture Of Dorian Gray

$14.95 $10.46
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 22
  • comments 0
After the artist Basil Hallward paints his portrait, Dorian Gray frivolously wishes that the picture change, yet he remain the same....

One True Love: A Short Story From 'hardly Knew Her'

$2.49 $1.74
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 12
  • comments 0
Heloise has worked out each facet of her suburban life until a chance encounter at her son's soccer game threatens to bring it all crashing down....

Force My Hand

$22.95 $15.95
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 20
  • comments 0
Independent and always in command, Darcy Sherwood holds her own among the cads and rakes who frequent the dubious gaming hall where she works....
Straight from the New International Reader's Version, these dramatized Bible selections are presented in multiple children's voices....

Falling For Him: A Selection From Midnight Sons Volume 3

$14.99 $10.49
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 32
  • comments 0
Christian, the youngest O'Halloran brother, has a problem, and her name is Mariah Douglas....
Twenty-five years ago, when Pat Robertson and other televangelists first spoke of the United States being a Christian nation, it was hard to take such hyperbolic rhetoric seriously. No more....

The Steadfast

$6.95 $4.87
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 21
  • comments 0
Dave Lowery lived in Gunlock, a dying western trail town, now an outlaw's haven. Sheriff Arno Slade, the power in town in cahoots with the judge, is suspected of killing Lowery's father....

When I'm Bigger

$9.99 $6.99
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 12
  • comments 0
What will I be when I grow up? Daddy tells me I can be anything - like a rocket scientist, a World Cup soccer player, a cowgirl, or even a movie star....